Redmount lifts are designed to give many years of service in professional garages even with heavy usage. As a testament to this there are Redmount 2 post lifts out there across Ireland and the UK that have been faithfully serving our customers for almost 20 years and are still working like new. The key to this, like any piece of machinery is proper maintenance.

Tighten the cables

The most common advice we have to give is to tighten the steel cables. 

Over time, the steel cables stretch – this is natural and to be expected. The ends of the steel cables are fitted with threaded bar to allow for adjustment. When a steel cable becomes slack it can cause issues, some immediately apparent and others that appear over time. There is no exact measurement for the tension of the steel cables but a good rule is if you can make them touch when you squeeze them by hand they need tightening. Ideally there should be no more than 1/2″ of deflection of each cable.


Lubricating your lift is also important. There are many points on a lift that should be kept greased, the chain pulley, cable pulley shafts, lock mechanisms and the lifting carriage sliders.

Visual Checks

Keeping your lift clean prevents damage and helps you spot issues sooner. A visual inspection is much easier to complete if you haven’t got to fight through layers of dirt, grime and grease. If you keep the lift clean you can be sure there is nothing that could cause the lift to stop. It’s good to run the lift daily without a vehicle on it to ensure the locks and other mechanisms are working correctly.

These are all checks you can and should be doing at least once a week. As well as this there are floor bolts to inspect, welds, oil condition, lifting pads, and electrical systems that all need regular inspection. Some of these can be performed by the lift operator and others may require professional inspection. Who better to give your lift a full safety inspection than Redmount? Our business is the supply, installation and certification of lifts, so we know them inside out! We may spot something that you may not notice which is why we recommend you book your lift in for a yearly inspection.

An inspection from Redmount covers all major operations of the lift including;

·        Floor bolt torque

·        Lifting arm condition

·        Equalizing cables

·        Hydraulic system

·        Electrical system

·        Over 25 other checks

Give us a call and organise your lift inspection today!

Checks you should do!


– Give the lift a quick once-over before using it. Check for hydraulic leaks. Inspect cables and chains for any sign of wear.

– Verify lift is operating properly, rising smooth and level and that the locking mechanisms for the arms and carriages are working.

Every 6 Months

– Lubricate all chain rollers and cable pulleys. Grease the carriage tracks inside the towers.

– Check and tighten anchor bolts as necessary

– Check cable tension and adjust as necessary.


– Check all safety mechanisms; ensure they are in proper working order.

– Check all nuts and bolts; tighten where necessary.

– Inspect all moving parts

– Replace any worn or defective parts