Hand Spin Wheel Balancer

The RM-30HS is ideal for use in mobile tyre repair vehicles because it can operate on the 12 volt power supply from the vehicle or its own 7.2 volt Li-Ion battery power supply. It will also operate on 220 volt, single phase power, making the RM-30HS the perfect choice for tyre service workshops where space is limited.

The RM-30HS is an advanced microprocessor wheel balancer which acquires the imbalance data in just one spin. (Accurate to 1g) This balancer also offers self-calibration and diagnosis. There is no motor in the RM-30HS, so after the wheel is mounted, the operator enters the parameters on the keypad and spins the wheel assembly using the ergonomically designed hand crank. The spin light illuminates when the wheel is rotating at a sufficient speed to measure any imbalance. This complete process normaly takes less than 15 seconds. When the imbalance is displayed, the operator uses the foot brake to stop the spinning wheel.

The RM-30HS offers static and dynamic wheel balancing, along with the ALU options for alloy rims. The newly designed keypad is extremely user-friendly and allows the operator to input and retrieve data very easily.

This model includes a Pro-Grip Quick Nut/hand crank made by Haweka (Germany)


Price: € 675 (Exc Vat)
Maximum Tyre Diameter31.5"
Maximum Tyre Width20"
Minimum / Maximum Rim Diameter10-24"
Max Wheel Weight65Kg
Power220v / 12v / Battery 7.2V
Data EntryManual