The Value of Alignment

Does your tyre shop offer an alignment service? If not, you are losing customers!

In today’s market customers are very knowledgeable on the subject of wheel alignment and now demand it when having new tyres fitted or checked. Whether a tyre depot offers this service or not could mean the difference of a customer entering the premises or not, or lead to the loss of an existing customer.  

Redmount offer a package deal on our 4.2 Tonne 4 post lift and the Mondolfo Ferro Trigon 648 wheel aligner  for only €€11000.00 The lift is fitted with front turn tables, rear rolling platforms and a 2 ton central rolling jack. The aligner from well known company Mondolfo Ferro uses the proven technology of CCD cameras attached to the wheels enabling true 4 wheel alignment. It comes with an 18000 vehicle database specifically for the European market.

Why not expand your business by offering your customers alignment? Your customers will not have to go elsewhere and you will get the extra revenue generated by offering an alignment service.

In addition to our equipment Redmount also supply a large range of tyre repair materials from Blackjack Tire Repair such as patches, repair strings, bead sealer, mounting paste and wheel balancing weights.

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