50L Compressor - RM-COMP-

‎Price: € 160 (Exc Vat)

These direct drive 25 and 50 litre air compressors are the ideal choice for performing those small tasks whether by the amateur or the professional. They are equipped with an automatic stop and start pressure switch.

100L Compressor - RM-COMP

‎Price: € 420 (Exc Vat)

This 100 litre air compressor has a cast iron twin cylinder pump, which is belt driven. It is also equipped with an automatic stop and start pressure switch. As with all Redmount compressors, this item is fitted with a 3HP/2.2KW ICME, Italian motor.

To meet safety requirements Redmount compressors are equiped with a shielded belt drive mechanism and tank inspection port.

Now silver in colour to match the rest of the range.

Redmount sell a range of compressors, suited to the customer's specific need. Sizes range from 50 litre to 400 litre, single phase electrical motor, and 200 litre 13.5HP petrol motor (for mobile application). All our electrical compressors, 100 litres and above, are fitted with ICME (Lafert Group) motors as standard.

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