Oil Drainers & Fillers


Oil Filler & Extractor -

‎Price: € 250 (Exc Vat)

This oil drainer/filler is fitted with a bidirectional hand pump and is suitable for all types of oil. It is used for both sucking and filling. There is no need to prime the pump before use.

Pneumatic Oil Drainer - R

‎Price: € 250 (Exc Vat)

These oil drainers can be pneumatically or manually operated. Simply attach the airline to the drainer to extract the oil from the engine or drain by gravity into the large height adjustable bowl. When the tank is full, pressurize it to expel the oil from the tank to the oil disposal container. This drainer is fitted with a transparent oil inspection chamber to inspect the oil condition. Measurement readings on the oil inspection chamber indicate the amount of waste oil extracted. An oil level indicator is fitted on the main tank. A selection of quick attach/release oil dipstick probes are supplied. Both models have heavy duty castors and wheels for easy mobility.

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