Coil Spring Compressors


RM-CSC-0880 - Hydraulic C

‎Price: € 100 (Exc Vat)

Use this tough tool for quick and easy replacement of struts,springs and shock absorbers. This tool allows you to quickly compress coil spring to replace shock absorber, spring sets, repair bent strut or strut tubes and repair damaged spindles. The hydraulic hand pump unit powers 1000kg capacity ram and yoke assembly. Up to 50% quicker than using other ratchet driven spring compressors and equipped with two pairs of spring yokes. Suitable for springs from 80mm ID to 165mm OD.

Hydraulic Strut Coil Spri

‎Price: € 150 (Exc Vat)

For use with 100mm to 250mm springs - ram travel 340mm - max working length 590mm. The spring clamps come in two sizes to fit most cars and trucks. The ram bracket slides, providing multiple height adjustments, with 7 upper yoke positions. Quicker and easier than using a ratchet driven spring compressor, this foot operated hydraulic unit has a maximum load capacity of 1 tonne

Coil Spring Compressor Ki

‎Price: € 165 (Exc Vat)

For use with 80mm to 195mm springs. The spring clamps come in three sizes to fit most cars and trucks. Max 850Kg Loading

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